Task E “Information, Dissemination and Capitalization Actions”

Layman’s Report, pdf

Booklet of the project achievements, pdf

Capitalisation Plan, pdf

FLOOD CBA 2 Video Tutorials

Project Communication and Dissemination Handbook, pdf.

1st Informative Leaflet. English version, pdf. Portuguese version, pdf. Spanish version, pdf. Greek version, pdf.

2nd Informative Leaflet. English versionpdfPortuguese versionpdfSpanish versionpdfGreek versionpdf.

Joined Informative Workshop of FLOOD CBA 2 and ECOSHAZ projects in Thessaloniki, Greece on Friday 22/7/2016.

EcosHaz presentation by Lefteris Karagiannidis, SIGMA Consultants.

FLOOD CBA 2 presentation by Vasiliki Papadopoulou, SIGMA Consultants.

The pilot area of FLOOD CBA 2 in Greece by Konstantinos Chouvardas, Civil Protection Directorate, Region of East Macedonia and Thrace.

Adaptation of the Floods Directive 2007/60/EC – Evros Case Study by Georgios Kampas, Water Directorate of East Macedonia and Thrace.

River and coastal flood hazard estimate and subsequent adaptation and protection design by Michalis Aftias, Ydronomi Consulting Engineers.

Stakeholders Informative Workshop for FLOOD CBA 2 project in Oxford, on Tuesday 24/5/2016

Agenda of the informative workshop 

Presentation of the Oxford Flood Alleviation Scheme, Adrian Porter

How flood option choice decisions are made in the UK Environment Agency, David Cotterell, EA

Floods and Natural Land Management Multiple benefits at a landscape scale from flood schemes, Dr. Jeremy Biggs, Freshwater Habitats Trust (Director)


Stakeholders’ Informative  Workshop for FLOOD CBA 2 project in Amadora, Lisbon, on Tuesday 22/11/2016.

FLOOD CBA 2 presentation by Vasiliki Papadopoulou, SIGMA Consultants.

FLOOD CBA 2 Training Seminars, by Dr. Fatima Navas.

The importance of CBA in Flood Risk Management, by Prof. Edmund Penning-Rowsell.

Oxford Flood Alleviation Scheme Case Study, by Prof. Edmund Penning-Rowsell.

Spanish Case Study – Ejica, by Mr. Clint Garcia Alibrandi.

Greek Case Study – Lavara, by Mr. Christos Papapostolou.

Portuguese Case Study – Amadora, by Mr. Luis Carvahlo.

Stakeholders’ Informative  Workshop for FLOOD CBA 2 project in Ecija, Andalusia, on Tuesday 16/5/2017.



Mapas de Peligrosidad y Riesgo de Inundación en las Demarcaciones del Guadalquivir, Ceuta y Melilla, by Rafael Poyato Salamanca, Guadalquivir Hydrographical Basin Confederation Water Commissioner

What is CBA and why you need it, by Prof. Edmund Penning-Rowsell, FHRC

Evros River Flood – Lavara Case Study, by Region of East Macedonia and Thrace

FLOOD CBA 2 Training Seminars, by Dr. Fatima Navas, UPO


Multi media videos for the presentation of the project Case Studies

Oxford Case Study: https://upotv.upo.es/video/5943b9652385837e198b456f

Écija Case Study: https://upotv.upo.es/video/59785545238583734f8b4568

Amadora Case Study: https://upotv.upo.es/video/5943b9652385837e198b4572

Évros River Case Study: https://upotv.upo.es/video/5943b9652385837e198b4575

Final Conference of the FLOOD CBA 2 project in Alexandroupoli on the 22nd of November 2017

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Ecija Case Study_REDIAM

Amadora Case Study_Municipality of Amadora

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