Preliminary Risk Maps in Other Hydrographic Basins of Spain

  • National GIS Viewer with spatial information about preliminary floods risk assessments in the different Spanish River basins

 A very interesting initiative to visualize the ‘areas of potential significant flood risk’ or APSFR, identified during the1st phase (Preliminary flood risk assessment) of the 2007/60/EC EU Floods Directive). Other flood data (dams’ works, hydrological public domain, flood studies, etc.) are also available in the viewer. This initiative has been launched by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment  (Geoportal)


  • Guadiana River Basin, (PDF maps)



  • Duero Hydrographic Basin  (Spanish side)

Compilation of different maps for each sub-basin, (PDF maps)

Preliminary general risk map for the whole basin, (PDF maps)



  • Tajo River Basin, (PDF maps)


  •  Western Cantabrico Hydrographic Basin

Preliminary risk maps for river floods, (PDF maps)



Preliminary risk maps for coastal floods, (PDF maps):


  • Balear Islands, (PDF maps)


  • Tenerife Basin, (PDF_ Whole Report)


  • Ceuta Hydrographic Basin, (PDF maps)



  • Melilla Hydrographic Basin, (PDF maps)



  • Catalonia Internal Hydrographic Basin, (GIS Viewer)


  • Miño-Sil Hydrographic Basin, (GIS Viewer)


  • Jucar Hydrographic Basin, (GIS Viewer)


  • Ebro Hydrographic Basin, (GIS Viewer)


  • Eastern Cantabrico Hydrographic Basin, (GIS Viewer)

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