Proformas for the Implementation of Case Studies


The objective of the Proformas is to compare the benefits of flood risk reduction (not flood “control” or “defence”) with the costs of doing so. To do this we need estimates of future flood damages to be averted by any interventions, and the capital and recurring costs of those interventions to reduce those damages.

So you have to look at all aspects of flooding in the case study area, and make some estimates (if there is no better data) of the costs of possible interventions.

We formulate this investigation as a series of 27 tasks, broken down and grouped  into six “Proformas” ‘A’ to ‘F’. In each case the Proforma is a set of tasks, and they are then illustrated with reference to the Oxford flood alleviation scheme (Oxford FAS). We suggest in the Proformas the approximate % of total effort that should be given to each Proforma and its tasks.

If some of your DATA (good, bad or indifferent) IS MISSING FOR ANY STAGE, YOU MAY HAVE TO MAKE APPROXIMATIONS (even GUESSES), pending better data becoming available. You can always test, at the end, if the poor data makes any difference to the overall results; you may be surprised.

Edmund Penning-Rowsell

Dennis Parker

FHRC, Middlesex University



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