Proforma A for Oxford

Tasks to be completed Elaboration/Rationale Oxford example
1.         A topographic map of the catchment in which the site is located (say at 1:100,000) This map is merely for orientation and to set the context of the case study.  It should show the watercourses relevant to the flood problem being analysed, and the urban area likely to be affected by the flooding.  It does not need to show a flood outline, but it would be useful if it did. Environment Agency flood map at 1:125000 scale.
2.         Detailed map of the site (say at 1:5,000 or 1:10,000 scale), showing individual properties It is important that this map shows individual properties or groups of properties, and those that are likely to be affected by the flooding.  This is because the damage figures will be assigned to these properties on an individual or a group basis, separating the residential properties from the non-residential properties.  



Google map showing individual properties and naming some. The flood outline is NOT shown here. See also ANNEX A2.

3.         The administrative authorities relevant at the site (e.g. for urban planning; flood risk management; emergency response) Again this is for context, but from these organisations will come ideas about possible flood risk reduction measures being contemplated (for example storage reservoirs, flood walls, or bypass channels) and perhaps their likely costs. 
4.         Any FRM appraisal rules and guidance that are relevant to the site These rules are likely to be important determinants of what is feasible in the way of flood risk reduction measures in the locality involved.  It also is likely to set out the framework, if it exists, for appraising the economics of investment in these measures. 
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