Proforma The rationale Overview: Tasks to be completed Approx. % of the total effort
Proforma E the potential of a range of flood risk prevention measures and assess their efficacy based on CBA and/or MCA methods 19.  Discount the annual average damages (from Task 11) over the life/lives of the proposed interventions (e.g. multiply the annual average by 29.9 for a discount rate of 3.5% for a  100 year scheme life [CHECK]). The result is the ‘present value’ of those damages (see the Table in Annex C11, final column, for an example)20.  Discount the recurring estimated maintenance costs of each intervention, to get a full present value of the costs of each intervention.21.  Make up a table of interventions (in ascending order of cost), showing (a) the present value of all damages to be avoided and (b) the present value of all costs

22.  Calculate the ratio of benefits to costs

23.  Calculate the value of benefits minus costs



See here Proforma E for Oxford

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