Interdisciplinary Centre for Social Sciences. CICS.NOVΑ


Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas (FCSH) is an organic unit of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa. The mission of FCSH is to promote public services for a high level qualification of citizens, in social sciences and humanities main areas. FCSH integrates and supports several R&D units, about 1500 researchers, grouped into 2 major scientific areas: Social Sciences and Arts and Humanities. CICS.NOVA results from a synergetic merging of three research units (RUs): CESNOVA Research Centre for Sociological Studies, e-GEO Research Centre for Geography and Regional Planning and CICS Research Centre for Social Sciences. The main goal of CICS.NOVA is to add to the knowledge basis for sustainable public policies in order to face contemporary societal challenges. Accordingly, equal attention is given to basic and applied research, as evidenced by the significant number of projects funded by EU Directorates-General, Portuguese central and regional government departments and municipalities.