Sigma Consultants Ltd


Sigma Consultants is an independent engineering and consultancy company with a long standing activity within Greece and European market. It was founded in 1992 in Thessaloniki, by a team of highly qualified professionals specialized in the fields of strategic planning, implementation of development projects and environmental management, aiming to support the efforts of private enterprises, local authorities and sectroral organizations at innovative, specialized and multisciplinary projects domestically and internationally.

Today company is active in the fields of:

  • Project planning and Management of National and European funded projects,
  • Energy conservation, Renewable Energy Sources and Third Party Financing Schemes,
  • Environmental Management, pollution prevention and waste management,
  • Health and Safety Studies, Emergency Response Plans and Risk Management
  • Applied Research, Technology Transfer and Technical and Economic Studies
  • Creation of Educational Material Using Multimedia and Dissemination Actions.

During the past years, Sigma has acquired a unique combination of project management experience and cross-culture communication skills and is familiar with the EU initiatives through successful completion of numerous complex and particularly demanding projects for the European Commission, where the most relevant are the followings: GAME4MANAGER, COASTANCE, FLINKMAN, CIVILARCH, RISK OUT SOURCE, RIEVER SHIELD, FLOOD CBA and ECOSHAZ.