FLOOD-CBA 2 project has been built on the experience gained from the delivery of FLOOD CBA  in the framework of Civil Protection Financial Instrument of DG ECHO. FLOOD CBA has successfully established a Knowledge Platform for the use of stakeholders dealing with the Cost-Benefit Analysis of flood prevention measures. FLOOD-CBA 2 project will go beyond this to integrate CBA into the decision making process for selecting the appropriate protection standards in flood prone areas.
Flood protection standards is a key factor of flood management plans since they specify the protection offered to a certain area from flooding. EU member states present a diversity of methods regarding the development of flood protection standards ranging from fixed design standards to economics-based approaches, or even to investments based on local imperatives often at the expense of efficiency. At the time when policy makers are seeking to reduce expenditure and obtain better value for money, that efficiency should be raised as of paramount concern. FLOOD CBA 2 will attempt to address this challenge by proposing an EU transnational cooperation that will work on the following main axis: i) reviewing and analyzing the available frameworks, methodologies and tools ii) provision of a common state of the art guidance, data sources and support structures for the development of standards iii) implementation of real case studies on how to evaluate alternatives of standards based on the Cost Benefit Analysis; iv) involvement of beneficiaries into a consultation process for the assessment of the proposed products and structures.