In the framework of FLOOD-CBA 2 project the following Actions will be implemented:

  • The development of a flexible stakeholders’ Network ensuring the involvement of key actors from the private and public sector in the activities of the project;
  • The enhancement of the stakeholders’ and end-users’ capacity to respond properly to the project requirements;
  • The development and establishment of support tools and information exchange structures ensuring the effective stakeholders’ involvement as well as the acquisition and processing of the appropriate data, based on previous experience;
  • The realisation of Cost-Benefit Analysis case studies and initialisation of a participatory mechanism that will raise the awareness of policy makers and other interested stakeholders and will facilitate the further improvement of the developed FLOOD-CBA 2 support tools;
  • The realisation of training sessions for the members of the stakeholders’ Network on the developed knowledge tools of the project;
  • The wide dissemination and promotion of the project’s concept, methodology and results to all related bodies and target groups;
  • Development and implementation of effective capitalisation measures that will pave the way for future international cooperation and further experiences’ exchange.