Schedule Timeline

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Project Start
Brussels kick-off meeting
Release of the Communication and Dissemination Handbook
1st Coordination Meeting in Thessaloniki
Site Construction
Selection of study areas
Collection of background information of the selected study areas
2nd CM and informative workshop in Oxford
Survey on the stakeholders views and needs
Information Exchange Network
Release of Common Framework of Standards for Flood Protection and Safety


2nd CM and informative workshop in Seville
Release of Guidelines for the development of Standards for Flood Protection and Safety
Launch of the FLOOD-CBA 2 Knowledge Toolkit
Demonstration project in the UK
3rd CM and informative workshop in Lisbon
Three case studies in Greece, Spain and Portugal
Launch of the on-line evaluation procedure
FLOOD-CBA 2 Helpline Centre
Training material
Production of multimedia videos and tutorials
Training seminars
Evaluation results and fine tunning of core products
Capitalisation Plan
Final CM in Alexandroupoli
Final Conference in Alexandroupoli
Project Completion